What is Mapping Watchtowers?

Mapping Watchtowers is a space for me to build privacy guides based on my own experiences, discuss privacy/surveillance related news, write about some of my influences and experiences and expand dialogue the dialogue I aim to foster in my artwork. The two primary motivations for creating this space are my desire to be free from the alluring algorithmic feeds of social media (which feature ever expanding censorship and ad-based surveillance) and my desire to create more sustainable relationships with my audience.

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One of the main goals I have in creating this space for my work is to cultivate interactions outside of social media. I think it’s unfair that traditional social media platforms subject us to total surveillance and ad-based revenue generation. Apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook contain hundreds of trackers which monetize not only the data we post/provide them knowingly with, but also the data they can garner from having total access to our smartphones and all their sensors. We give away our data to make the rich stakeholders in social media richer when we use those platforms. This platform gives the opportunity for direct support from readers, which makes this work sustainable.

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